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Kelsey Williams

Kelsey Williams

Educating readers about gold within a historical context.

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Gold Price, Inflation, Dollar Collapse, & BRICS

Expectations for gold to move higher in price are often tied to worsening inflation and a possible collapse in the U.S. dollar.

What We Know About Gold

What we know about gold is simple and straightforward. Gold is real money and a long-term store of value.

The Gold Price and Geopolitical Concerns

Have you ever wondered why there are fluctuations in the gold market, particularly in response to conflicts and predictions of higher gold prices?

Treasury Bonds Spiral Downward

There must have been poison gas inside the Treasury Bond price balloon.

Gold Continues 3-Year Decline

Gold continued its downward path this past week and all but confirmed that lower prices are ahead.

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Kelsey Williams has more than forty years experience in the financial services industry, including fourteen years as a full-service financial planner. His website, Kelsey's Gold Facts, features articles that aim to educate and inform others about gold within a historical context. In addition to gold, he writes about inflation and the Federal Reserve.

Kelsey is the author of two books: Inflation - What It Is, What It Isn't, And Who's Responsible For It and All Hail The Fed!: A Closer Look At The Federal Reserve