Exclusive Gold Price Forecasts

Is the Weather Forecast Still Cloudy for Gold?

While investors see sunny days ahead, recession clouds should rain on their parade in the months to come.

Daily Gold News: Nov. 30 - Gold Gets Closer to Previous High

Gold price is higher, as the markets await series of economic data releases.

Daily Gold News: Nov. 29 – Gold Price Is Still at $1,750

The yellow metal extends its consolidation, as markets await the Consumer Confidence data.

Hawkish Realities Should Hammer the Gold Price

Higher interest rates and evaporating liquidity should have the gold price seeing red during the winter months.

Daily Gold News: Nov. 28 – Gold Continues to Fluctuate Along $1,750

Gold price is volatile after a long holiday weekend, but it’s still close to the $1,750 level.

Is the Gold Price Running Out of Time?

The FOMC minutes’ malicious message highlights why the gold price should confront more downside in the months ahead.

Daily Gold News: Nov. 25 – Gold Trading Sideways

Gold price remains close to the $1,750 level after bouncing from its Wednesday’s local low.

FOMC Minutes Push Gold Prices Up

November FOMC minutes were interpreted as dovish, which improved the gold price outlook.

Will Gold Prices Rise amid Contracting Business Activity?

Will gold rise in response to the economic decline?

Daily Gold News: Nov. 23 – Gold Price Goes Sideways Ahead of Holiday

Gold remains below the $1,750 level, economic data releases in focus.