Exclusive Gold Price Forecasts

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Exclusive Gold Forecasts


Daily Gold News: November 29 – Gold Is at New Medium-Term High

Gold price is the highest since May; markets await series of data.


Daily Gold News: November 28 – Gold Price Is Close to Late October High

Gold continues to trade above $2,000 level; Consumer Confidence release is in focus.


Gold Price’s and Miners’ Suspicious Breakouts

Silver shot up again! Excited? And rightly so, because it’s a very important indication.


Daily Gold News: November 27 – Gold Is Back Above 2,000 Level

Gold price is breaking above the recent htrading range on weaker USD.


Daily Gold News: November 24 – Gold Trades Sideways Again

Gold price extends its consolidation along $2,000 level, PMI data in focus.


Daily Gold News: November 22 - Gold Is Above $2,000

Gold price broke above $2,000 level again; markets await more economic data.


Rally in the Mining Stocks? More Like a Pause…

Gold is trying so hard to move above $2,000… The dramatic attempt gets many heads turning, but… It doesn’t look good.


What a Rally in Stocks! What a… Lack Thereof in the Miners!

Miners have already decided what they want to do, and now they are simply waiting for a sign. And they are about to get it.

Gold Predictions

The Really Meaningful Signals for Gold Stocks

We got the silver signal, we saw the analogy to the previous low-CPI-number surprise, and now we have this.

VIDEO: US Yields Are Bearish For USD, But Bullish for Gold and Stocks in Current Market Conditions

Amid a Thanksgiving-induced market calm, this week saw the dollar stabilize and U.S. yields rise, hinting at only a temporary shift in market dynamics.

Stocks and Silver Have Something to Say about Gold

Silver just shot up, and given what the stock market is doing, it makes perfect sense.

What We Know About Gold

What we know about gold is simple and straightforward. Gold is real money and a long-term store of value.