Exclusive Gold Forecasts


Sharp Decline in U.S. Dollar and Its Implications

Did yesterday’s sharp decline in the greenback push gold as high as it could be expected?


Daily Gold News: June 13 – Gold Going Sideways Despite Data

Gold price fluctuates after important data; today’s PPI release in focus.


Fed’s Decision and What’s Actually Important for Gold Miners

The Fed has decided, and the Fed has spoken. No cut, a smaller chance for more cuts soon. What’s next?


Gold – Up and Down and…

How did yesterday’s bull’s weakness affect today's price?


Daily Gold News: June 12 – Gold Bracing for CPI and Fed Volatility

Gold extends a consolidation ahead of the consumer inflation and Fed releases.


Mining Stocks, Chinese Stocks, and the Grim Outlook

Gold miners were just the most overbought since 2020, and it seems that they topped just like back then.


Daily Gold News: June 11 – Gold Trading Sideways

Gold price remains above $2,300; tomorrow’s inflation and Fed releases in focus.


Daily Gold News: June 10 – Gold Price Is Closer to $2,300

Gold sold off following jobs data; all eyes are on the Wednesday’s CPI, Fed.

Gold Predictions

Clear Analogies for Gold, Silver, and Miners

What a (-n absolutely unsurprising) big slide in gold!

Economic Growth or Dead Cat Bounce?

From its low in 2020, the economy seems to have rebounded reasonably well, generally speaking.

Gold Has Done Its Job - Isn’t That Enough?

For most of us who understand what gold is (and what it isn't), gold continues to perform as reasonably expected.

GOLD In a Corrective Retracement - Elliott Wave Analysis

Gold is in a sharp recovery this year, displaying a robust rally since breaching the March highs of $2,133.

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