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Przemysław Rapka

Przemysław Rapka

Exploring potential outcomes of current events from an economic perspective.

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Przemek is an economist from Poland, currently a faculty member at the University of Economics in Katowice. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance, with his primary areas of expertise being monetary theory, central banking, and the history of economic thought. Przemek emphasizes the importance of understanding the history of economic thought, as it provides a robust theoretical foundation and reveals that many contemporary ideas are reimaginations of past concepts.

Identifying first and foremost as an economist, Przemek aligns himself with the Austrian School of Economics and is an active member of the Polish Mises Institute. Despite his strong association with the Austrian perspective, he maintains a broader view of economic theories and practices.

Przemek is also the chief contributor of macroeconomic articles to the much-celebrated and popular Explanations section of Golden Meadow’s market websites:,,, and

Beyond his professional pursuits, Przemek is passionate about music, brewing craft beer, and cultivating those funny little trees.