Exclusive Gold Price Analysis


The Near-Term Profits and the Key Long-Term Factor

Miners’ rally failed, gold’s upward momentum is broken, and the USDX appears to have bottomed. Very interesting times ahead!


What a Rally in Miners! Wait… Where Did It Go?

In yesterday’s analysis, I wrote that mining stocks’ rally was likely temporary. Indeed, they already moved back below our entry point for the current short position.


Gold Stands Tall Despite Its Shortcomings

While the yellow metal remains uplifted, silver and mining stocks’ relative weakness highlights the ominous fundamental backdrop.


Gold Price Forecast for November 2023

Gold didn’t just invalidate the move above $2,000. It moved even lower – that’s how we know the invalidation is real. And so are its consequences.


Aaand We Have Another Invalidation in Gold – Just as Expected

I don’t want to go all I-told-you, but I told you. Gold’s rally was suspicious, and indeed, it was just invalidated.


S&P 500 Moved to Our Target – Will Stocks and Miners Rebound?

The geopolitical tensions increase but fear thereof already peaked. The implications for the markets are clear.


War Concern Peaked, But Did Gold Price Peak?

Gold price moved higher on Wednesday, and this move might be confusing. Is the pullback over? Or is this a broader top?


Gold Prices Decline While Miners Point Much Lower

Gold, silver, and mining stocks declined yesterday, and the initial slide in the latter was truly profound. And that’s not the end of it.

Gold Price Analysis

Gold Price, Inflation, Dollar Collapse, & BRICS

Expectations for gold to move higher in price are often tied to worsening inflation and a possible collapse in the U.S. dollar.

Gold Shines as the Economic Outlook Darkens

While looser monetary policy may seem bullish in the short term, the medium-term ramifications could upend the yellow metal.

The Really Meaningful Signals for Gold Stocks

We got the silver signal, we saw the analogy to the previous low-CPI-number surprise, and now we have this.

VIDEO: US Yields Are Bearish For USD, But Bullish for Gold and Stocks in Current Market Conditions

Amid a Thanksgiving-induced market calm, this week saw the dollar stabilize and U.S. yields rise, hinting at only a temporary shift in market dynamics.