Exclusive Gold Price News


Daily Gold News: Dec. 14 – Gold Went the Highest Since June

Gold price rallied after the inflation data. Today it’s all about the Fed’s release at 2:00 p.m.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 13 – Gold Price Awaits CPI Release

Gold remains close to $1,800 level, but it’ll be all about the inflation number today.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 12 - Gold Fluctuates Ahead of CPI, FOMC

Gold price goes sideways ahead of the important data releases on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 9 – Gold Is Above $1,800 Again

Gold price gets closer to local highs again, as markets await important data releases.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 8 - Further Uncertainty Ahead of Economic Data

Gold price remains close to $1,800, data releases are in focus next week.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 7 – Gold Teeters in Narrow Range

Gold price is going sideways despite stocks’ pull-back, as recession fears reappear.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 6 – Stronger ISM Number Sent Gold Price Lower

Gold retraced its last week’s breakout yesterday. Today it’s bouncing back.


Daily Gold News: Dec. 5 – Gold Price Remains Close to Local Highs

Gold trades close to the $1,800 level, as it is going sideways after last week’s rally.

Gold Price News

Daily Gold News: May 29 – Gold Price Remains Below $2,000

Gold continues to trade along the $1,950 level; it extends a short-term consolidation.

Daily Gold News: May 26 – Gold Continues to Trade Along Recent Lows

Gold trades along $1,950 as investors await the important Core PCE Price Index release.

Daily Gold News: May 25 – Gold Trades Along Local Lows

Gold price remains above $1,950 level as it further extends a consolidation.

Daily Gold News: Dec. 19 – More Short-Term Uncertainty

Gold price extends its consolidation, as it’s still trading along $1,800.