Exclusive Gold Price News


Daily Gold News: Mar. 14 – Gold Price Is Above $1,900

Gold extended its rally yesterday as the U.S. banking crisis stirred up the markets.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 13 – Gold Price Extends Its Last Week’s Advance

Gold rallies on the U.S. banking crisis, tops $1,900 this morning.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 10 – Gold Price Advanced Despite Stock Market’s Rout

Gold trades sideways, as the markets await monthly jobs data.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 9 – Gold Goes Sideways After Tuesday’s Sell-Off

Gold price fluctuates as markets focus on tomorrow’s jobs data.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 8 – Gold Price Sold Off on Hawkish Powell

Gold lost almost 2% after the Powell’s testimony; today it’s trading sideways.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 7 – Gold Is Below $1,850 Level Again

Precious metals’ prices retrace some of their recent advance ahead of the Powell’s testimony.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 6 – Gold Price Remains Above $1,850

Gold trades along its Friday’s closing price as markets await tomorrow’s Powell’s testimony.


Daily Gold News: Mar. 3 – Gold Continues Its Short-Term Uptrend

Gold price advances above the $1,850 mark, as it gets close to previous highs.

Gold Price News

Daily Gold News: July 12 – Gold Price: Uncertainty After Breaking $2,400

Gold broke above the $2,400 level following CPI; more data in focus.

Daily Gold News: July 11 – Gold Price Getting Closer to $2,400 Again

Gold is trading higher ahead of the important CPI release.

Daily Gold News: July 10 – Gold Price Keeps Fluctuating

Gold is retracing some of its Monday’s decline ahead of Powell, tomorrow’s CPI.

Daily Gold News: July 9 – Gold Price Going Sideways Ahead of Powell

Gold rebounded from the $2,400 level; Powell’s testimony in focus.

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Gold has always been more than just a precious metal to humanity; it's a symbol of power and divinity. Ancient civilizations including the Egyptians and Incas treasured gold, embedding it deeply in their culture and rituals. Economically, gold underpinned early monetary systems, becoming a universal medium for international trade. Its stability and rarity led to the adoption of the Gold Standard in many countries during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historically, gold has been a catalyst for major events, such as the 19th century Gold Rushes, which significantly influenced the development and economy of nations. Even now, gold is utilized in various industries, from electronics to dentistry.

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