Exclusive Gold Price Analysis


Gold Price’s and Miners’ Suspicious Breakouts

Silver shot up again! Excited? And rightly so, because it’s a very important indication.


Rally in the Mining Stocks? More Like a Pause…

Gold is trying so hard to move above $2,000… The dramatic attempt gets many heads turning, but… It doesn’t look good.


What a Rally in Stocks! What a… Lack Thereof in the Miners!

Miners have already decided what they want to do, and now they are simply waiting for a sign. And they are about to get it.


Bad Data Uplifts Gold

The yellow metal’s pivot dreams could become a reality. But should it be celebrating the economic weakness?


What’s Gold Price to Do When Every Bullish Surprise Already Happened?

That’s all, folks. Whatever “bullish news” for gold was likely to happen has likely already happened. And you know what happens next?


The Precious Gift from the Precious Metals Sector

What a powerful bearish confirmation! Not only did our profits increase yesterday, but we got this precious gift, too!


The Near-Term Profits and the Key Long-Term Factor

Miners’ rally failed, gold’s upward momentum is broken, and the USDX appears to have bottomed. Very interesting times ahead!


What a Rally in Miners! Wait… Where Did It Go?

In yesterday’s analysis, I wrote that mining stocks’ rally was likely temporary. Indeed, they already moved back below our entry point for the current short position.

Gold Price Analysis

VIDEO: US Yields Are Bearish For USD, But Bullish for Gold and Stocks in Current Market Conditions

Amid a Thanksgiving-induced market calm, this week saw the dollar stabilize and U.S. yields rise, hinting at only a temporary shift in market dynamics.

Stocks and Silver Have Something to Say about Gold

Silver just shot up, and given what the stock market is doing, it makes perfect sense.

What We Know About Gold

What we know about gold is simple and straightforward. Gold is real money and a long-term store of value.

FOMC Minutes and the Elliott Wave Path Ahead For The USD

The FOMC meeting on November 1, 2023, proved to be a pivotal moment in the year's economic narrative.