Exclusive Gold Price Analysis


Hawkish Realities Should Hammer the Gold Price

Higher interest rates and evaporating liquidity should have the gold price seeing red during the winter months.


Is the Gold Price Running Out of Time?

The FOMC minutes’ malicious message highlights why the gold price should confront more downside in the months ahead.


FOMC Minutes Push Gold Prices Up

November FOMC minutes were interpreted as dovish, which improved the gold price outlook.


Will Gold Prices Rise amid Contracting Business Activity?

Will gold rise in response to the economic decline?


The Gold Price Went from Unloved to Overly Adored

From one extreme to the other, will too many bulls weigh down the price of gold?


Gold Price Forecast: It’s the Fundamentals, Stupid!

What the crowd gets wrong is that the price of gold is out of touch with the bearish fundamentals.


What Does the Current Trading Say About the Strength of Gold Prices?

Given all the current world events, gold prices are what they were in 2011. So, what's happening to the yellow metal?


Republicans Win Back the House. Will They Control Gold Prices Too?

The U.S. mid-term elections are over. What does it mean for gold prices?

Gold Price Analysis

Gold Price, Inflation, Dollar Collapse, & BRICS

Expectations for gold to move higher in price are often tied to worsening inflation and a possible collapse in the U.S. dollar.

Gold Shines as the Economic Outlook Darkens

While looser monetary policy may seem bullish in the short term, the medium-term ramifications could upend the yellow metal.

The Really Meaningful Signals for Gold Stocks

We got the silver signal, we saw the analogy to the previous low-CPI-number surprise, and now we have this.

VIDEO: US Yields Are Bearish For USD, But Bullish for Gold and Stocks in Current Market Conditions

Amid a Thanksgiving-induced market calm, this week saw the dollar stabilize and U.S. yields rise, hinting at only a temporary shift in market dynamics.